Answers to most common questions

General problems

Outside lock doesn't work

  1. Try to touch the keypad, do not rush to enter the code, it has to light up – if it does not light up, please call us;
  2. Your code is not working? Try to check the code again, make sure you haven’t forgotten the “#” sign. Don’t rush to enter code again, you will block the lock after 5 tries. If everything is correct and still not working – call us;
  3. If you heard a siren, it means you have blocked the door. Please wait 10-15 minutes or call this number – +37067783305

I don't have or can't find entrance codes

If you have booked a room in our apartments, you had to receive instructions via e-mail or SMS. Check your e-mails spam folder. If nothing – call us.

How to drive in through the parking gates?

To open the parking gates (barrier) you need to call the number you have received in your confirmation e-mail or SMS before your arrival.

If you are calling the number and the barrier is still not opening, please call us via this number: +370 666 11261

Other usual questions

Working hours

You can check-in any time from 15:00 (it can be late arrival) and check-out anytime you want until 11:00, our entrance system is autonomous – the entrance door has a code, and you can take or leave your room key in our lock boxes.

Our staff working from 8:00 till 22:00, for inquiries and information, always call us +370 666 11261.

Reminder – there is no reception or administration staff in the building! We are an autonomous operating apart-hotel.

Car parking

Car parking is FREE in our parking lot. Just we have 4 available places. Sometimes all of it is taken, but it’s not a problem – there are some available places around our apartments (less during working hours). We are not able to book parking places or register your car in advance. It’s also strictly forbidden to park a car at places of our neighbors. 

Outside entrance door

The entrance door has a PIN code. You will receive a PIN code to your email and SMS before check-in. When trying to enter the PIN code, just touch the door lock (icon with card) and enter the door code you received. If the code is correct – you will see the green light, just come in.

If you won’t open a door in 5 seconds – the door lock will lock again.

Sometimes it’s needed to touch the pad a couple of times to see numbers that appear on the door lock. If you faced some problems – please let us know at +370 666 11 261.

How to extend booking days?

Please visit our page EXTRA SERVICES to extend your stay